• Making IoT products or solutions used to be difficult and expensive. Not any more

  • We are ESPert

    ESPert is an Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform that allow anyone to develop their own connected solutions easily and affordably.


    for business owners

    We offer two IoT cloud platforms: Espert (free, open-source public cloud targetted for educational use) and Latte (paid, secured private cloud for small business or enterprise solutions). Our customers can get their devices connected easily, collect their own data to generate an insight into their business operations . We employ a 'pay-as-you-use' model where charging is based on amount of data storage taken up, network traffic and any processing time used.

    Learning tool

    for novice learners

    We design the platform to be as user-friendly as possible because we understand how it is like to try something out for the first time. Free step-by-step tutorial guide with video demonstrations are some ways we use to make it easier for users to set up simple services for themselves. We will be providing more face-to-face hands-on workshops by working with local hacker/makerspaces soon.

    Build with us

    for makers & developers

    Our company roots are very much connected to the Maker movement in the Southeast Asia region. Both co-founders of ESPert have founded makerspaces in their community. We learnt a lot from what other makers offer and in turn, we want to help makers to build viable and awesome connected products. At the same time, we tap on the pool of talent within the maker community to help small business owners deploy basic IoT services. We believe this bottom-up approach will help to drive greater adoption of IoT.

  • Core Team

    "If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants"-Sir Isaac Newton




    Maker advocator

    Educator for 15 years

    Co-founder of OneMaker Group and Secretariat to Southeast Asia Makerspace Network

    Executive Director of SG Makers Association Ltd




    Serial entrepreneur - 30 years experience

    Hacker & pioneer software developer in Thailand

    Founder of famous Chiang Mai Maker Club



    Technical Sales Manager 

    Digital native & Agile advocate
    Part time tinkerer and white hatter
    Experienced Support & System Engineer in Malaysia
    Co-founder of the now (now defunct) Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya